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Earthquake insurance

Don't you know about Earthquake insurance?

The life insurance or damage insurance that you are investing a lot of money in order to prepare for the unexpected situation are not applied to the damage by the earthquake. It is useless if you join into fire insurance and the "earthquake insurance" by the set.

However, since earthquake insurance aims at the stability of disaster victim's life, only their houses and households are applied. The limit that the government pays most in an earthquake disaster is 4,500 billion yen.

If the disaster is over this range, victims won't receive enough compensation. And the following notice sticks naturally. The insurance money is not paid in case of the accident at the nuclear fuel material by earthquake (nuclear calamity). (It is based on the 2nd article (5) of an earthquake insurance general insurance clause)

The law about compensation of nuclear damage
Who really guarantees for "damage produced by the accident of the nuclear fuel material" (nuclear calamity) in case of an earthquake,?

Any insurance company does not guarantee at all! Any electric power company doesn't have the duty of a guarantee for it, either!

Nuclear damage compensation law third article 1:
When nuclear damage is done by operation of a nuclear reactor, the nuclear entrepreneur concerning its operation should be appointed as a responsibility that compensates the damage.

However, when the damage is caused by an unusually huge natural disaster or unusually huge social disturbance, it is inapplicable.

Cautions! Read well the last part!
It means that this low does not apply to the Tokai big earthquake more than assumption or the terrorism nobody can predict in short

Finally it says the government should compensate the damage based on the resolution of Parliament. (Article 16 of nuclear damage compensation law and the 17th article, and the nuclear reparations compensation contracting method; the second article and the third article)

But think about it well! When the calamity of the Chernobyl scale occurs in Hamaoka, how could a country pay the amount of money of no less than 100 trillion yen to be required for reparations? (Even the limit of earthquake insurance is 4,500 billion yen)

In short, even if the nuclear power plants of Hamaoka cause the accident at the Tokai earthquake, nobody can guarantees. Imagine that your family and friends are suffering from cancer caused radioactivity without insurance. It is just a painting of the inferno frightful.