STOP Nuclear Plants BEFORE Huge Quake Strikes!

66% wind blows to the Metropolitan area from HAMAOKA through year. 30 million people live there.
In Tokai area, huge quakes had occured about every 150 year. Many seismologists say that the next one would come within some years. And HAMAOKA Nuclear Plants are in the seismic center.

Please take notice of a possibility of major nuclear power plants accident in Japan. It may result not only in millions of deaths in Japan, but also in a global radioactive pollution.

And when the Plants collaspe, the World Economic would fall down to hell.
Tell this totally insane danger to your family, friends and your country's press.

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Hamaoka is situated 200km from Tokyo.

FACE BOOK Stop Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant in earthquake zone in Japan

23 May 2004
"Japan's deadly game of nuclear roulette "

It is not a question of whether or not a nuclear disaster will occur in Japan; it is a question of when it will occur. (LEUREN MORET )

The nuclear power plants of Japan, accumulating radioactivity
The Tokai earthquake is approaching
It will be 15 times as many scale as the Kobe earthquake in 1995.
Difficult earthquake prediction
Even if nuclear power plants carry out a scram, the accident happens.
Don't you know about Earthquake insurance?  

Professor Ishibashi's counterargument to Chubu Electric Power

Prof. Ishibashi is one of the greatest   seismologists in the world. In 1973, he presented his study "Tokai great quake". The national guideline against Tokai great quake was based on his study.


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Fraud exposed: Hamaoka earthquake testing data was altered by Martin Frid (2005 Jun)
The Hamaoka nuclear plants are not earthquake-proof by Martin Frid (2005 Jun)

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